Why F & A?

Why F & A?

For too long you have been unable to offer electronic payments to your Lodge because of the costs involved. Our service will provide you with the tools to offer online payment of dues and donations without absorbing the costs. Your agency benefits by speeding receivables and streamlining collections. Members benefit with more convenient payment options.  Along with online payments members can sign up for our recurring payment program Click it and Forget it. The best part about FreeandAccepted is the cost. Free. There is never any cost to the Lodge. Only those brothers who choose to use the service pay a fee.

 We have nurtured a reputation for client satisfaction.  Our goal is to not earn your business only for today, but to foment a relationship for years to come. With your help we can achieve our mission of every brother in good standing. 

So Mote It Be

Why F & A?

�  PCI DSS compliant. 

�  Support and Maintenance included.

�  All Upgrades included.

�  Fees. All extra costs charged by banks and other merchant service providers such as “card not present” fees, increased rates for affinity/frequent flyer credit cards, international credit card rates, online payment gateway costs, deposit/authorization fees, transfer fees, assessment charges and interchange fees are all included.

�  No Network Fees.

�  No Merchant Account Setup Costs.

� Licensing. You to have an unlimited number of users accessing our systems.

�  Internet  License  Fees. Costly monthly and annual fees such as Secure Socket Layer (SSL) certificates are all included in our Convenience fees.

For more information contact us at info@paygov.us or info@freeandaccepted.us or by phone at 1-866-480-8552.