How it works

Transaction Process

  • Cardholder goes to the Lodge office or website to process payment.
  • Cardholder (or cashier) goes to the payment link.
  • Cardholder enters required information by the Lodge.
  • Cardholder enters credit card information.
  • Cardholder receives a confirmation receipt. Receipt options include: Print; Email; and Text.
  • Two transactions are processed. One transaction is run for the amount due the Lodge and another for the Convenience Fee due. If the Convenience Fee is authorized and the Amount owed to the Lodge is declined our system will automatically cancel both transactions.  Payment is credited and reconciled with each Lodge.

Our gateway utilizes strict fraud features to authenticate the validity of a card. When a customer decides to pay online they are transferred to our secure payment gateway. Our gateway can be stand alone or integrated.  Once they are on the gateway their card is validated by Address Verification (AVS) and Card Verification Value ( CVV2).  Our system receives an instant approval or decline.

If an error is made or a refund/void needs to be made we will work with appropriate agency staff to rectify the error immediately. If a charge to our system is made in error we will refund or void the transaction.  Parameters are set to automatically decline two or more identical transactions reducing double billing issues.

We ensure the Lodge is not responsible for any fees by separating your deposit account from the Convenience Fee account. All fees are tied to the Convenience Fee account.

AVS: The Visa Address Verification Service ( AVS) is a risk management tool for merchants accepting transactions in which neither the card nor the cardholder are present ( e.g. telephone, internet), or in which the card is present but its magnetic stripe cannot be read by a terminal at the point of sale.  AVS helps reduce the risk of accepting fraudulent transactions by facilitating verification of the cardholder’s billing address with the card issuer. 

CVV:  The Card Verification Value 2 (CVV2) is an important security feature for card-not-present transactions.  This risk management tool is a three-digit value which provides a cryptographic check of the information embossed on the card.  The CVV2 value helps validate that the member has a Visa card in his/her possession and that the card account is legitimate and has not been reported stolen.

For more information contact us at or or by phone at 1-866-480-8552.